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Come sapete, amo raccontarvi storie e oggi ho deciso…di raccontarvi la mia splendida esperienza di collaborazione a Cosmopolitan Italia! E’ iniziato tutto un pomeriggio di fine ottobre, ero a casa con Carlo e stavamo per uscire…mentre lui era sotto la doccia mi sono messa a scorrere la bacheca di facebook e mi ha colpita una …


Maga Gioielli

Hello people! After a little period, here I am again to search and discover fashion talents alll around and show you the ones I find more interesting 🙂 Marzia‘s story hit me so much! She is an amazing jewellery designer, a strong and determinate woman who says she is living her second life. It started …



Hello my dear! How are you? I’m feeling very bad in these days, and this morning I had an exam (that went well :D), but I’m lucky because I have an amazing family and a wonderful boyfriend and I can spend relaxing funny moments with them! Today I want to show you the outfit I …


Sales chronicles!

This is the real story of our winter sales marathon! 😉 After some days pushing back, me and Carlo finally decided to go shopping! Our destination were in the eastern Sicily and we wanted the best pieces at the lowest prices! I think we got it 😉 The first stop was the open-air Sicilia Outlet Village …


First post of the year!

Hi my dear friends, how has your 2014 started? I have some problems with my internet connections so here I am to write a quick post! Is it cold where you are? I know winter in Sicily is temperate but I hate cold so…whatever! Today we’ll talk about warm, soft woolen accessories *.* In particular, …

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