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Shining gifts: I bijoux di Laura

Hi all! Who follows me on facebook and instagram has seen that the last week I received another package. It arrived by I bijoux di Laura, and today I finally show you all the treasures I found within 🙂 There were a long silver necklace with light blue and pink beads; a golden bracelet with big yellow beads; another …


Sweet creations

Hi sweeties! I’m packaging for Venice, and I feel so sweet and romantic because I’ll see my boyfriend again and in a beautiful and striking scenary! 🙂 How do you feel in this Saturday morning? I want to transmit a bit of my mood to you, showing these very nice handmade creations…only for gourmands! 😉 …


La Pinta’s event “Women of the World”

Sbirilla and La Pinta Please don’t look at my stupid face in this picture! XD  I was so happy and excited yesterday, because finally I met the wonderful blogger and event planner from Palermo La Pinta (I love her blog, follow her!). She was organizing a multiethnic and colorful fashion show, in collaboration with the cultural association Hombre, …


Non-conventional bags

Ok, I know I have a problem with my obsession for bags! But I couldn’t help falling in love with these shots inspired by Japanese geishas, Frida Khalo and “The Italian Boy”.  They are the masterpieces of a brand based in Panama, Butterfly Villa. The thing I appreciated most is the use of particular materials, …


A Cool Paper bag!

Hi my dear! Today I talk (again!) about Cool Paper Bags! I told about this amazing brand on We Love Fashion, an online fashion magazine where I don’t write anymore. When I wrote the article, I was so fascinated by these handmade bags made of…paper! Yeah, Rosaria, the wonderful Italian girl who creates them, uses paper …


Motivi fall/winter collection 2013

Hello sweeties! How was your Friday night? I had a very good time at Motivi fashion party on the beach in San Leone (Agrigento). The famous international brand presented its fall/winter collection through 7 different themes, from baroque to retro, from vintage to sporty-pop. I had the chance to take note of some trends for …

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