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Buongiorno a tutti e buon 1 settembre! Oggi c’è chi torna al lavoro, chi ricomincia a studiare, chi si spertica in buoni propositi. Il mio è solo uno: essere felice. Dedicare questi mesi di limbo post-laurea/pre-master alle cose e alle persone che amo e soprattutto a me stessa, che troppo spesso mi metto da parte …


A young fashion talent: Lorenza Binnici

Hi guys, how are you? Last days were full of work for me and Carlo… Yesterday he had to make a photoshooting with some models for Lorenza Binnici, a young fashion designer from Grotte (AG). Do you remember her? I told you about her presence at the Miss Estate Insieme 2013 beauty pageant (  She …


Sbirilla for Cloflou!

 Hi all! In this summer rainy day, I’m so excited to show you the result of last working days. Cloflou is a brand founded by two lovely guys, Fabiana and Giuseppe, who were so nice with us…they opened their house and their atelier, let us discover all their vintage treasures and lent us a lot …


Miss Estate Insieme 2013

 Hi all! I spent the last day surrounded by fashion! Yestaerday I made a photoshooting for MY DEA, which I’ll show you the next days. And yesterday evening I attended a beauty peagent in Grotte (AG). The event was called “Miss estate insieme 2013” and it was presented by Angelo Palermo and the stunning Roberta …

Moda Pensieri

Blue feelings and invitation

Hello everybody! I couldn’t write in these days because I was going up and down between airports, my house in Palermo and a graduation party. Today I’m finally in Agrigento, and nothing compares to my home and family! I wanna show you some pictures of the graduation party of a friend in Poggio Normanno, Palermo, …


This is Sbirilla

This is me! 🙂  Curious, funny and passionate. Just got my bachelor degree in Foreign Languages, I’m waiting to attend a Master in Fashion Communication and Journalism in Rome. I’ve been on the other side of the world, west (for a stage at United Nations in New York) and east (for another stage in a …

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