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Luzza’s bijoux: handmade from my hometown!

Hi! 🙂 I’m writing this post from Palermo, where I’ve just arrived and I have a couple of minutes between lessons, studying sessions with University mates, housework…My up-and-down life has returned! XD I just want to tell you about Luzza’s bijoux, a brand of handmade jewels from my hometown, Agrigento. I met her for the first …


Classy jewels

How are you beauties? I’m still in Veneto for another week and I’m enjoying my holidays…even if in Palermo my University has restarted XD Anyway…my handmade tips return! I have two elegant, chic, classy pages of jewels to suggest you, and they are all shiny and handmade! Have a look here: – Jewels – Mary K …


Sweet creations

Hi sweeties! I’m packaging for Venice, and I feel so sweet and romantic because I’ll see my boyfriend again and in a beautiful and striking scenary! 🙂 How do you feel in this Saturday morning? I want to transmit a bit of my mood to you, showing these very nice handmade creations…only for gourmands! 😉 …