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Chic Butterfly by Farwa

Buongiorno! In questo rovente sabato di fine agosto io…sono ancora alle prese con raffreddore e febbriciattola! Eh niente, quest’estate poco mare ma tanto amore!!! Sono rientrata in Sicilia, e ho ricominciato a lavorare a pieno regime per raccontarvi sempre nuove storie, aneddoti e curiosità. La protagonista di oggi mi affascina particolarmente, si tratta di Farwa …



Hello my dear! How are you? I’m feeling very bad in these days, and this morning I had an exam (that went well :D), but I’m lucky because I have an amazing family and a wonderful boyfriend and I can spend relaxing funny moments with them! Today I want to show you the outfit I …


New Year’s Eve *.*

Hello sweeties! I hope you’re even more sweet and happier after this delicious and foodish Christmas! But…are you ready for the longest night of the year? What are you going to do? Dancing, going to a concert, spending the night with family or with your loved one? Whatever evening you are planning, you need to …