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Cocktail party Camomilla Italia & Tu Style

Buongiorno bellezze! Oggi mi trovate particolarmente di buonumore, perché come avevo già anticipato sulla mia pagina facebook, ieri ho terminato i miei esami all’università e ormai la laurea è confermata per luglio! Inutile dire che ho fatto una corsa alla Rinascente di Palermo e ho approfittato della carta fedeltà di cui vi parlavo in questo post per comprare …


Miss Estate Insieme 2013

 Hi all! I spent the last day surrounded by fashion! Yestaerday I made a photoshooting for MY DEA, which I’ll show you the next days. And yesterday evening I attended a beauty peagent in Grotte (AG). The event was called “Miss estate insieme 2013” and it was presented by Angelo Palermo and the stunning Roberta …

Moda Pensieri

Blue feelings and invitation

Hello everybody! I couldn’t write in these days because I was going up and down between airports, my house in Palermo and a graduation party. Today I’m finally in Agrigento, and nothing compares to my home and family! I wanna show you some pictures of the graduation party of a friend in Poggio Normanno, Palermo, …

Moda Pensieri

Miss Stella del Mare

Hi guys! I hope you’re planning an amazing Saturday! But…do you have something to do this Sunday evening? Can I suggest you to join a great event in Palermo, Sicily? My new “blog – friend” La Pinta is organizing a fashion and beauty event for tomorrow in Palermo, the wonderful city where I study at …

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