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New Year’s Eve *.*

Hello sweeties! I hope you’re even more sweet and happier after this delicious and foodish Christmas! But…are you ready for the longest night of the year? What are you going to do? Dancing, going to a concert, spending the night with family or with your loved one? Whatever evening you are planning, you need to …


STMA… fashion geometries!

Hi guys! Today I have another amazing fashion designer to introduce you… I’m always very happy to do it, because I love to discover news and trends about fashion and of course, sorry for my patriotism, but I’m even happier when I found new talents and creative minds inside my beautiful country! STMA was born …


Fashion talent: Patry Cuoreblu

Hello my beautiful followersJ Have you come back to study, university and work this first Monday of September? I’m a lucky girl, my holidays will continue for another month, so what can I do? Tell you about amazing fashion designer! 😀 Today’s protagonist is Patry Cuoreblu, a very nice girl from Turin. I discovered her …


Trendy crochet ;)

Hi my dear! Good morning 🙂 My researches about handmade accessories carry on. Today my attention lingers about an original and very nice topic: crochet and needle-sharped accessories! I love crochet, because it makes me think about my grandma who tried very hard to teach me…and never managed! XD But I’m going to introduce you …

Moda Pensieri

Blue feelings and invitation

Hello everybody! I couldn’t write in these days because I was going up and down between airports, my house in Palermo and a graduation party. Today I’m finally in Agrigento, and nothing compares to my home and family! I wanna show you some pictures of the graduation party of a friend in Poggio Normanno, Palermo, …

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