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Dreamy is the new selfie!

Buongiorno a tutti miei cari! Oggi voglio parlarvi di un’idea che è balenata nella mente vulcanica della mia amica – blogger Claudia di Blondy Witch Fashion Blog (che è una pazza, è giusto che lo sappiate). La mania dei selfie è ormai dilagante, fin troppo! Va bene qualche foto, ma vedere ovunque “faccini e faccioni” che non …


Never stop dreaming with Rosalba Fonte

“How much do dreams cost? Nothing, and yet they are the most beautiful and respectable thing. Dreaming means living, achieving, believeng and who doesn’t have this magic can’t live, just survive.” These words are not mine, but Rosalba Fonte‘s, a woman I knew on facebook and I learned a lot from our chatting. She is …


Maga Gioielli

Hello people! After a little period, here I am again to search and discover fashion talents alll around and show you the ones I find more interesting 🙂 Marzia‘s story hit me so much! She is an amazing jewellery designer, a strong and determinate woman who says she is living her second life. It started …