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Loose yourself into these fashion labyrinths!

Hi guys! Today is my last Saturday in veneto, can’t wait to know what is going to happen 😉 Do you have special plans for tonight? Today I want to tell you about doodles, twists, braids…through two delicious handmade creators! Loose yourself into these beads and crochet labyrinths: – I ghirigori: delicate and sophisticated jewels, especially …


Sweet creations

Hi sweeties! I’m packaging for Venice, and I feel so sweet and romantic because I’ll see my boyfriend again and in a beautiful and striking scenary! 🙂 How do you feel in this Saturday morning? I want to transmit a bit of my mood to you, showing these very nice handmade creations…only for gourmands! 😉 …


Shine bright like a diamond!

Hello guys, how are you? I’m a little worried about this afternoon, because there is an extremely hot sun, and I’m going to help my boyfriend with an important open-air photoshooting…It will be probably a problem! XD Stay tuned, in the next days you’ll discover who is the young fashion designer protagonist of this shooting …