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Hello my dear! How are you? I’m feeling very bad in these days, and this morning I had an exam (that went well :D), but I’m lucky because I have an amazing family and a wonderful boyfriend and I can spend relaxing funny moments with them! Today I want to show you the outfit I …


A Cool Paper bag!

Hi my dear! Today I talk (again!) about Cool Paper Bags! I told about this amazing brand on We Love Fashion, an online fashion magazine where I don’t write anymore. When I wrote the article, I was so fascinated by these handmade bags made of…paper! Yeah, Rosaria, the wonderful Italian girl who creates them, uses paper …


Fashion talent: Patry Cuoreblu

Hello my beautiful followersJ Have you come back to study, university and work this first Monday of September? I’m a lucky girl, my holidays will continue for another month, so what can I do? Tell you about amazing fashion designer! 😀 Today’s protagonist is Patry Cuoreblu, a very nice girl from Turin. I discovered her …


Shine bright like a diamond!

Hello guys, how are you? I’m a little worried about this afternoon, because there is an extremely hot sun, and I’m going to help my boyfriend with an important open-air photoshooting…It will be probably a problem! XD Stay tuned, in the next days you’ll discover who is the young fashion designer protagonist of this shooting …

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