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SabrinaeMMe colorful accessories!

The last week, I told you I received a huge parcel full of wonderful and colorful things: it was sent by SabrinaeMMe, a talented artisan of different accessories. That’s what I found within: a woolen stranded scarf, that I love so much because it matches with my eyes’ colour; another long rainbow scarf; a lovely …


Live. Love. Luri.

I hope they will forgive me but I couldn’t help stealing this slogan from Luri‘s accessories brand! Luri, that means “ornament” in Etruscan language, is the name of a new accessories brand based in Bergamo. It is young, fresh, trendy and it decided to count on Sbirilla, among other bloggers, to its launch aroud Italy! …


Luzza’s bijoux: handmade from my hometown!

Hi! 🙂 I’m writing this post from Palermo, where I’ve just arrived and I have a couple of minutes between lessons, studying sessions with University mates, housework…My up-and-down life has returned! XD I just want to tell you about Luzza’s bijoux, a brand of handmade jewels from my hometown, Agrigento. I met her for the first …